Monday, May 28, 2012

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.. haha, i'm learning how to write, more or less to type.

says; dah 3 bulan. almost. tk update. and second one in this year. nah, what ever, it doesn't matter.don't they?? owh, and farah, time kasih ckp pasal blog, you have some good eye finding it. haha. i'm matured enough okay. bkn nye budak2 je spanjang masa.

NONSENSE. it'S RIDICILOUS, isn't it. but, i'm fine with that. org banyak merepek tahun ni. more or less, now, i could say. ntah yg bce ni pun tk phm kan. org tgk blog entry yg lpas. and, i already got my answer for that. RECTANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE. that shape, that word, kinda end, but it still there.

okay, schedule. bukak skola,


talk talk talk, learning, ready for mock interview

mock interview

resigned as BWP

trial MARA

fasting, raya.


SPM. and i'm done with high school, see

how time flies.

harap boleh lepasi nya, tersurat, and tersirat.

don't you notice it?


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