Wednesday, June 13, 2012

notice it

says, ---------------okay, now ada kat maktab, wednesday, and tomorrow is teacher's day here in MRSM Lenggong, =0, montaj tk siap lagi..haih...haha, and result =.=''. jgn la ada fail..huuu..

says, k, tk tau ape yg masok dlm otak, tetibe rajin update blog. kat mktb pulak tu..padahal skola abg oiii...=.=''
haha, skali skala, so,

i notice that my blog actually not really really simple..haha, i mean, easy to read, but, nvm, its unique enough..mummbblleee.

me with my orange, haaa, who orange, hahaha, my favourite colour lah. haha, not anyone k, just a simple one colour only..

and, i start to move forward, and mock interview minggu depan, ya ALLAH, ape pun tk cari..=.=' ape nk ckp nanti..

now, i just try to smile..haha. =) i tried to, a it getting better with it. i hope one day it can be a real smile. not fake or lie.

kita mahu kekuatan, apa yang kita dapat adalah cabaran untuk menjadi kan kita kuat.

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