Thursday, December 27, 2012

watch and remember

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

notice it

says, ---------------okay, now ada kat maktab, wednesday, and tomorrow is teacher's day here in MRSM Lenggong, =0, montaj tk siap lagi..haih...haha, and result =.=''. jgn la ada fail..huuu..

says, k, tk tau ape yg masok dlm otak, tetibe rajin update blog. kat mktb pulak tu..padahal skola abg oiii...=.=''
haha, skali skala, so,

i notice that my blog actually not really really simple..haha, i mean, easy to read, but, nvm, its unique enough..mummbblleee.

me with my orange, haaa, who orange, hahaha, my favourite colour lah. haha, not anyone k, just a simple one colour only..

and, i start to move forward, and mock interview minggu depan, ya ALLAH, ape pun tk cari..=.=' ape nk ckp nanti..

now, i just try to smile..haha. =) i tried to, a it getting better with it. i hope one day it can be a real smile. not fake or lie.

kita mahu kekuatan, apa yang kita dapat adalah cabaran untuk menjadi kan kita kuat.

Monday, May 28, 2012

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.. haha, i'm learning how to write, more or less to type.

says; dah 3 bulan. almost. tk update. and second one in this year. nah, what ever, it doesn't matter.don't they?? owh, and farah, time kasih ckp pasal blog, you have some good eye finding it. haha. i'm matured enough okay. bkn nye budak2 je spanjang masa.

NONSENSE. it'S RIDICILOUS, isn't it. but, i'm fine with that. org banyak merepek tahun ni. more or less, now, i could say. ntah yg bce ni pun tk phm kan. org tgk blog entry yg lpas. and, i already got my answer for that. RECTANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE. that shape, that word, kinda end, but it still there.

okay, schedule. bukak skola,


talk talk talk, learning, ready for mock interview

mock interview

resigned as BWP

trial MARA

fasting, raya.


SPM. and i'm done with high school, see

how time flies.

harap boleh lepasi nya, tersurat, and tersirat.

don't you notice it?


Saturday, March 17, 2012

my heart, i don't know

says, now, dah bulan 3 dah, dh nk hbs dh pun. wuh, and the last entry is last year eh? man, that an old story to say. okay, jujur, mmg malas, tk larat, sibuk, nk update. tkde ape pun, tapi, jujur, aku nk taip kat sini, just here,

say amir ferdaus---------------

now i'm stuck. stuck whether it or it is,
                       stuck whether now or never
                       stuck whether say or not to say
                       stuck on who and whose
                       stuck whether you or you
                       stuck  .............. speechless

yes, i'm stuck, in the middle of it, and not somewhere, it everywhere.

i want to end it, but still, i care, i care both of it, it just, whether it the past or now,

oh god, you really need to know my past, and then you could know how i am.

not a fake smile i want to give, never want to make a tears drop down, just.. it seem like i'm losing the light that shine someone.

not tears that i want, just smile. but i'm worry, worry anyone will had the tears.

just really, how it will end.
                                                                                                                           its reality that i love you,
                                                                                                                                  amir ferdaus
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