Saturday, July 5, 2014




Sometimes. I wonder. What really been see by the blind people. Darkness. Perhaps. Close your eyes. And what you see?  Nothing. Most of you lose track on what happen. Even one step in front of you. Would you take a step forward. Not knowning what in front of you.?

In biological fact. It is darkness. But. Unable to see no saying you cant see. Why? No one perfect. But we have advantage. Gift. Talent. Indeed. I cant tell what coming out from my mouth is total 100% truth fact. It is base on my limited view and perspective.

But i can share is. If there less in someone. There will always be more also in that person. Why? Cause we human. No one perfect. Perfectly imperfect. We have our own expertise in something. A gift that no other person have. A talent that could excel ourself further.

Why blind people? No im not judging for speak bad for them. No. My intention bout that topic is heart. The inner eyes. Indeed there not looking by naked eyes. But they also human. Human with heart. You dont simply look positivity. You feel it.

They have a gift. A talent despite their lackness. A gift that could wow us that could see.

There is something in everything. Your view that define it. Instead of looking at the dark shadow. Why dont you see the white light in front of you.

Your future ahead. Not the past behind.

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