Monday, May 30, 2011

holiday holiday

be confidence towards yourself

says, ahoy everyone..err salah2, assalamualaikum sume..hehe..lame dah tk update..tuan blog nye duk  bertapa kat kawasan prasejarah lenggong nun have finish the exam...yosh...tapi tk tau la result nye cmne nanti..wait and see only la..

say what to say.....since me coming back here...feel so relieved that i can come back again, i be thinking how condition of everyone?? since they coming back from their different place, carrying new would they be..for me, i think they had been more matured than before...still the same person, but lebih tabah, lebih pandai dan know more about life than before selepas menjejak kan kaki ke alam tingkatan 4 yang mostly all must do yourself...

as me been not at home studying at boarding school, sometimes, me been thinking, is this how feel to be form 4 or to be more matured?? is the reality world is harder, can i pass through it?? can i? but..stop the question there...sebab, masa depan sentiasa mempunyai pelbagai kemungkinan yang tidak terhingga..jadi, for me, terus kan berusaha untuk berjaya untuk mencapai impian that everyone want to holding all this year..

everyone have their think to say..everyone have their way to go..everyone have their dream to catch up..everyone have their hope towards everyone have something to do..then, do we have set our path..a leaving answer is from us........

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